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Spring 2012 Special Pre Release Offer

I really enjoy the winter landscape. Snow is a great simplifier, burying detail that might be distracting and leaving us to admire and enjoy the basic form and structure with whatever elements the photographer chooses to include.
Images with minimalist leanings lend themselves particularly well to these conditions and somehow the visual sparseness echoes the silence of a snow-laden environment as well as its expansive dimensions.

This negative was exposed on a back trial in Montana. It was a wonderful day with fleeting moments of sunshine and fast moving snow-laden clouds. Temperature was well down into 'minus' territory with that dry cold that is so envigorating. My wife and I were trekking on snow shoes over some 3 or 4 feet  depth of crisp snow.  Tripods can be difficult in such deep snow as they have no firm foundation, but by siting the tripod feet on snow shoes I was able to shoot slow enough to hint at movement in the clouds through and orange-yellow filter on Delta roll film.

The print is made by me on Ilford's Multigrade Warmtone glossy (unglazed) fibre-based paper, using appropriate printing controls to produce the required pre-visualised result. Processing is to the highest archival standards followed by dual toning with selenium and thiourea, both for the aesthetic and for their exceptional archival protection.

These signed prints are offered in two sizes - on 16x12 and 20x16 inch paper with appropriate borders - and may be ordered either unmounted or mounted and over-matted ready for framing. 
My default mounting is with archival corners, thus making the print easily removable if the mount needs replacing for any reason. If you would prefer dry mounting please stipulate this by email when ordering.

Prints will be made to order, signed, numbered and titled on the front with archival carbon pigment and signed, numbered, titled, detailed and dated in pencil on verso and accompanied with certificates of authenticity and instructions for the care of your prints. 
Unmounted prints will be shipped in archival sleeves.

All orders will be shipped in strong robust print boxes to ensure safe arrival and should be posted from the U.K. three weeks after the offer closes on May 12th. 
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Two And A Half Trees. Unmounted

16"x12" silver gelatin print. Selenium and thiourea duo-toned


Two And A Half Trees. Mounted And Over Matted

16"x12" silver gelatin print matted to 20'x16'. Selenium and thiourea dual toned


Two And A Half Trees. Unmounted

20"x16" silver gelatin print. Selenium and thiourea dual toned


Two And A Half Trees. Mounted And Over Matted

20"x16" silver gelatin print matted to 24'x20'. Selenium and thiourea dual toned