'Iceland, an Uneasy Calm'

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"Iceland, 'The Land of Ice and Fire’, has a strong and omnipresent ‘Middle Earth’ feel to it. Evidence of its volcanic origin is everywhere. Geysers spurt, mud pools boil and steam billows from the ground. The central highlands are unpopulated and barren. Glistening glacial caps crown the mountains and extend long white fingers down to light-sucking lava deserts, whilst bible-black beaches lie fringed with white surf.

Thundering waterfalls abound, whilst craggy caves and peaks, often shrouded in mist and low cloud, provide a home to some of Iceland’s trolls and ‘hidden people'. In summer the days extend through the nights. In winter the nights eat up the days.  Changes in the weather are frequent and storms can be spectacular. Brooding skies accentuate the already dramatic and sometimes eerie landscape where trolls lurk at night and get turned to stone by daylight. It is a land of myth and magic, of fearsome subterranean power and spectacular scenery".

Tim Rudman


'Iceland, an Uneasy Calm' is a handsome cloth-bound hardback book with dustcover, 300mm x 280mm landscape format with 132 pages and containing 98 quad-tone plates made from the exhibition silver gelatine selenium and thiourea toned prints.

Foreword by Bill Schwab. Introductory essay by Tim Rudman. All contents ©Tim Rudman and © Bill Schwab, all rights reserved.

Publication date: October 2015

First edition 1.000 copies

Deluxe collectors edition 75 copies signed and numbered in a black silk-bound clamshell box with a handmade limited edition silver gelatine print of one of the images from the book.

Published by Opas Books


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 "Tim Rudman is rightly acknowledged as one of the United Kingdom’s very finest landscape photographers working today, with an enviable and growing body of work. Tim’s work is always originated on film but made unique and easily identifiable by his supreme gift as one of the leading photographic printers of his generation. His skills, and ability to enhance almost any image is widely shared amongst all who enjoy photography at whatever level by his many publications and shows a profound and encyclopaedic knowledge of his craft. ‘Iceland’ is quite simply a ‘tour de force’ of the photographer and printer’s skill".

Simon Galley / Steven Brierley. Directors; Ilford Photo, Harman Technology Ltd.

Simon Galley & Steven Brierley have between them 60 years service with ILFORD Photo and HARMAN technology Limited where they are both Directors, makers of the ILFORD Photo range of monochrome photographic products.      



These images go far beyond the common and strike deep at the viewers’ core, resonating with power and beauty.
The photographs will take you to many places beyond simple fences, rocks, clouds and shorelines and undoubtedly to places within.

Bill Schwab. Photographic artist. USA.



"Meyer gallery considers this collection so important, it has given the whole two floors of the gallery to this exhibition".

From the earlier 2010 Sydney exhibition of the Iceland work.


This is stronger work than seen before...full of passion and immensely dynamic. His earlier work was more decorative...this shows another dimension. I believe time will prove Tim Rudman will confirm his place as one of the world’s important photographers. This exhibition is up there with the world’s best”.

Bob Kersey. Photographer & Platinum printer.






The images from the book are available as limited edition prints in 25 in two sizes, 20x16" and 16x12" (with some exceptions).

Prints are hand printed by Tim Rudman on Ilford Multigrade Warmtone fibre based paper, processed to archival standards and dual toned with selenium and thiourea.

Video: Making silver gelatine prints





UK Exibition touring venues and dates:


THE FOX TALBOT Museum and Gallery  An selection of about 30 works from Iceland an Uneasy Calm will be exhibited for six months from January to July 2016.

THE LIGHTBOX Museum and Gallery will be showing an exhibition of 64 works from Iceland. An Uneasy Calm from April 23rd to July 3rd 2016
Both editions of the book will be available from the book shop.

DYE HOUSE Gallery, Bradford, UK, 'Iceland - An Uneasy Calm'. January 12th - February 17th 2017

DIMBOLA  Museum Galleries, Isle of Wight, UK. 'Iceland - An Uneasy Calm'. (Selection of approx 30 works) April 22nd - July 17th 2017

BANBURY Museum Art Gallery, Oxfordshire, UK. 'Iceland - An Uneasy Calm'. December 2nd - January 20th 2018

ABERYSTWYTH Arts Centre, Wales, UK. 'Iceland. An Uneasy Calm'. September 15th - November 11th 2018 

Further venues being explored.
Enquiries and expressions of interest are welcome. Contact here