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My pre-release offers are designed to make some new work more affordable to photographers and collectors who are possibly just starting or building ther personal collections or who just want to own a particular image they like. Once released these prices cannot be repeated.

This negative was exposed earlier this year and printed later, nearer the end of this year.

I particularly like this image. I had observed this tree and garden bench in a private garden over several years, waiting for the right time to photograph it. After the unusually heavy (for us) snows at the beginning of 2010 I sought permission to shoot it. Shooting during the first snows showed a white bench before a white snow laden hedge. On the second visit some of the snow had fallen from the foliage and this provided a valuable tonal balance to the image.

The negative was made on Delta 100 roll film, compensating by 2 stops to hold detail in the snow highlights. I waited for some considerable time hoping for a moment of weak sun to add shape and texture and then made several exposures. The film was processed in DDX adjusted for the required contrast..

The prints are made on Ilford Multigrade Warmtone fibre based semi matte paper, processed to current best archival standards and dual toned in selenium and thiourea. This gives rich deep warm blacks and soft delicate coloured highlights as well as maximum archival permanence.

These signed and numbered prints will be shipped unmounted in archival sleeves with certificates of authenticity and instructions for care of your print.

Prints will be shipped in strong robust print boxes to ensure safe arrival and, because of travel commitments, will be shipped either in January or possibly late February, depending on the date of the order.

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A Winter Garden

20"x16" silver gelatin print, selenium and thiourea toned