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Easter 2011 Time Limited Pre Release Print Offer

 My pre-release offers are designed to make some new work more affordable to photographers and collectors who are possibly just starting or building ther personal collections or who just want to own a particular image they like. Once released these prices cannot be repeated.

This negative was exposed one late evening on the Oregon coast, long after sundown and using a long exposure. Although the print suggests otherwise, the light had gone from the sky as far as my eye could see and I used a flashlight to move around in the dark. It is amazing just how much the film can see, given sufficient exposure. The two gulls were stationary throughout, possibly asleep, but half way through a second long exposure they began to move, so this was the only useable negative.

The Delta negative was overexposed to account for reciprocity failure and processed in Ilford's DDX.

The print is made by me on Ilford's Multigrade Warmtone glossy (unglazed) fibre-based paper, using appropriate printing controls to produce the required pre-visualised result.
Processing is to the highest archival standards followed by dual toning with selenium and thiourea, both for the aesthetic and for their exceptional archival protection.

These signed prints will be made to order, signed and titled on the front with archival carbon pigment and signed, titled, detailed and dated in pencil on verso.

They will be unmounted in archival sleeves and accompanied with certificates of authenticity and instructions for the care of your prints.
Mounting and matting is available but as these offers may go quickly, contact me after ordering for details if required.

Prints will be shipped in strong robust print boxes to ensure safe arrival and should be posted from the U.K. two weeks after ordering.

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Oregon Coast At Night (sold out)

20"x16" silver gelatin print, selenium and thiourea toned


Oregon Coast At Night (sold out)

16"x12" silver gelatin print, selenium and thiourea toned